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October 15, 2009

When I started this blog I decided to use WordPress, to see if I liked it more than Blogger (which I use for other blogs). While WordPress is ok, it’s not so awesome that I want to switch my other blogs over.

Anyway, it has become a pain running just one blog (and feed, and stats, etc) in a different blog engine.

So, this blog has moved to blogger:

If you are subscribed to the feed, there’s a new feed too:

upgrading macs

April 14, 2009

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a quick note about wordpress

May 13, 2008

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it’s an upgrade! no, it’s a drive! argh

May 5, 2007

OK, so I managed to survive installing apps on OSX in the first place. It’s a while since I’ve used the MBP so a stack of apps need an update. No problem, except none of them have auto updates.

Fast forward a few minutes and I’ve got DMG files and stupid psuedo-drives mounted all over the desktop. I think all has gone well until I try to get rid of the DMGs and psuedo-drives and it starts freaking out.

MBP: “You’re using that!”
Me: “No I’m not, that’s the installer, we’re done with that.”
MBP: “No no no no no you’re using that!”
Me: “I forgot the secret handshake again, didn’t I…”

It turns out that you have to manually quit the app before you run the upgrade, otherwise everything gets tied up in knots. Instead of doing something obvious, like, say reminding the user to quit the app, OSX merrily goes ahead and…. well I’m not sure. I can only assume it runs the app from the mounted DMG instead of installing it. That would explain why I couldn’t delete the DMG later on.

I don’t quite know how I did it, but I ended up with a situation where I’d deleted an app’s DMG file and had an icon in the dock… but when I clicked that icon, the mounted DMG would reappear (where the hell from?).

I ask my friendly machead for advice…

what you’re supposed to do

This is how you are supposed to upgrade an app:

  1. Manually quit the app
    1. OSX won’t remind you if you forget
  2. Double click the installer/DMG
  3. Find the mounted DMG (which looks like a drive) and open it
  4. Open Finder and navigate to /Applications
  5. Drag the app icon from the mounted DMG into /Applications
    1. Some apps will have a copy of the Applications icon right next to the app icon
    2. Don’t drag it anywhere else, or you’re fucked
  6. Say yes when it asks to overwrite older version of the app
  7. Unmount the DMG/eject the pseudo drive
  8. Drag the DMG into the trash

Compare that process with the Windows equivalent:

  1. Double-click the installer file
  2. If the app is running, Windows will remind you to close it
  3. Follow the prompts, which may include an overwrite confirmation and will finish with “Finish” or “Quit”.
  4. Delete the installer file

Yeah, I prefer the Windows version in terms of simplicity. OSX is so bloody mouse/drag-and-drop-oriented; and I find it irritating to have to stop what I’m doing and go find the one place I’m meant to be sticking apps. Shouldn’t OSX be able to guess I want it installed in the fucking Apps folder?

Anyway, now I know how I’m supposed to do it. I have to point out that the average Windows app installer has better error correction:

Windows: “Oi, idiot, that app is still running. You have to close it before we update it.”


OSX: “Yeah sure, whatever, that’ll cause problems but I won’t tell you, you should just know. What, you didn’t mean to run that app out of the DMG all the time? Too bad, chump.”

Anyway, I’ve learned another quirk. I move on.