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2 Responses to About

  1. Gary says:

    Total neophyte – (that’s me) . I picked up a used imac. newer model (white?) dual intel… 1 gig ddrm…yadda yadda… yadda. It’s set up with OS X 10.4.4 I could run the itunes that was installed but when I tried to acutally use it with my ipod…no go…said I need a newer version of itunes. I managed to download the newer version of itunes. When I double click the .dmg package I get a msg. ‘you need a newer version of OS X (at least 10.4.7 ) something like that. I try to download the OS X update. I now have a .dmg file on my desktop that, when I click on it, does nothing.

    help !

  2. For what it’s worth, for all OS updates we’ve used the system updater (I forget if that’s the proper name). But we don’t try to do those updates by downloading DMGs.

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