macbook pro loses network connection again

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  1. I have had my Mac Book Pro for just over a year now and have been enjoying it and tentatively becoming more and more reliant on it. It is my first real period with a mac and I even started using it for my email a few months ago although I still keep my website on my PC.

    A few days ago my MBP started loosing my wifi connection after every sleep restart. It showed the signal as being okay but would fail to connect to it. Then I noticed if I switched off my wifi and restarted it whilst MBP was on MBP would reconnect ok. This is continuing and getting really annoying. I do not like leaving lid up with cat and children in house so close it between sessions but now this issue is making me think I will need to rethink closing lid and disable sleep mode or else have to climb 3 storeys to restart my wifi evry time I want to use my mac online.

    Surely there is a straight forward answer to this, somthing must have changed in preferences or whatever but what? Love to know if you have any ideas.

  2. I haven’t found a solution to this yet. I just don’t use sleep anymore.

  3. Adam Ettinger says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem. No help by Geniuses. We replaced the network card, but it didn’t fix the problem. Apple tech support acted like they have never hear of such a thing. They said i needed to reinstall the OS. I haven’t done it yet. This is like having a car that works wonders except that it won’t shift when going uphill. Apple should really have a fix for this, or at least, a recognition of the problem.

  4. Just bought my first Mac, a macbook core duo 2, 2 Ghz, and having the exact same problem, a reboot of the mac will fix it. Same time my 2 windows laptops(x60s, t60p) have no problems, using a Cisco AP. Starting to think this Mac thing is just to crappy an experience compared to Windows :(, might be good for playstuff, but you cant rely on it, sucks. Can see from my googling, that it seems to be a common problem, do they even have customer care at Apple ??. For now back to windows, i tried :(

  5. Markus says:

    I’ve seen this too with Linksys router here from time to time. Usually rebooting the
    router would fix it, also try turning the wifi on and off, also make sure another computer isn’t statically assigned an IP that might be handed out by the router via dhcp, casing a conflict of problem with either the conflicting device or even if that device is off, screwing up the ARP table
    on the router.

    Finally under Apple -> System Preferences make sure to check out those settings and tell
    it to automatically join preferred networks. Otherwise it may simply not be automatically joining because it isn’t configured to do that. And make sure tpo check your DNS servers make sure they are either statically assigned to the roght ones or beung succsessfully provided by yiur router.

    You’ve probably tried all this but hopefully something here will help find something.

  6. Harley says:

    I have been having problems with my Mac dropping the network connection. My airport is on and my windows computer which is plugged into the airport does not drop it’s connection. Tonight I got it back on by reordering my network port configurations. That seemed to do the trick.

    I will keep an eye on this and see if this works next time.

  7. Jan de Landtsheer says:

    I’m surprised we all seem to have similar problems connecting a MBP to a wireless router. And we all receive the same answer from the Mac-salespeople: we’ll re-install OS-X to make sure it is not a hardware problem, then we’ll fix the hardware problem (providing me with a new motherboard, or complete new laptop). It does not make sense. Mac’s customer service is non-existing, just like the bigger brother’s customer services. We’re all doomed to stay in our dark dungeons wired up to the internet, wasting hours, evenings, days, weeks to try to fix a problem the engineers at Mac do not recognize exist. Mac salespeople are not engineers and cannot help. I gave up phoning them. My guarantee is expiring in two months time, but I will think twice before buying a Mac again.

  8. I’ve had the same issue for the past couple of months. However, after the last software update the problem mysteriously resolved itself. That is, until today, back to the same issue that you’ve all been dealing with. I can put a band-aid on the problem by trashing the system configuration file in the preferences, but that only lasts for a little while before it reverts back to it’s troublesome ways. If someone has a definitive solution, please post it. I’m getting really tired of rebooting my laptop to connect to the internet.

  9. Andrew Fox says:

    Really good to see that I’m not the only person having this problem (good for me, not so good for you guys I guess – at least it’s a lot less likely that I’m doing something silly ).

    As with everyone else I have a PC connected to my router (Netgear) most of the time for work purposes. When not in use the Macbook Pro (latest version) sleeps in a corner. On wakeup it more likely than not can’t connect to the router. It _CAN_ see it as it appears in the Airport drop-down list, but something stops it from actually connecting. A quick reboot of the router fixes the problem and connection then occurs instantly, but of course in doing so the PC has dropped all connections and I have to restart my VPN connections and software logins. Most purturbing.

    Anyway, I’m just starting my root around on the net to see if I can find any solution. Will post here if I find anything…

  10. Andrew Fox says:

    Okay, this one does NOT work:

    The search continues…

  11. Andrew Fox says:

    Setting static IP addresses at the router end connected to Mac addresses also does NOT work as some have suggested.

    And onwards…

  12. P says:

    I’ll add my name to this list with a wholehearted ‘for f**cks sake’

    Damned annoying.

  13. Kevin says:

    I’m lucky, sleeps ok, reconnects to wifi with wpa2 without a broadcast of the SSID after waking up too.

    I’m going to cross my fingers… and maybe some toes!

  14. frustrated new Mac user says:

    I am having exactly same problem with MacBooks.
    I purchased two MacBooks last week.
    My #1 (new) and #2(old, upgraded from Tiger) Macbooks run on Leopard, #3(new) runs on Leopard and Windows Vista with Boot Camp.

    I had a D-link router and #3 was constanly losing connection to the router even without going into sleep mode. It was random every few hours that I lost connection though my Windows Vista never had problem with connection when I was on the Vista.
    The biggest problem was that whenever #3 lost connection, all of the macs and PCs on the network lost connection and the router had to be rebooted. It was too much!
    In the meantime, #1 always lost connection after it came back from the sleep mode while everybody else stayed connected.

    I tried everything but nothing fixed the problem so I bought a new Netgear N router.
    Now #3 is totally fine but #1 still loses connection whenever it comes back from sleep mode. System Preference says it is “connected” but there is actually no connection.
    The good news is that #1 is the only machine which gets disconnected from the internet and can regain connection by rebooting. (improvement…?!)

    During all this time, #2 machine has never had a problem with connection.

    All I can say is “Not all Macs are created equally.”

    I will post again if I can come across something.

  15. frustrated new Mac user says:

    I just want to report that following fixed my MacBook for wireless connection after waking up from the sleep mode.

    My Router: Netgear Rangemax Next wireless N Router (WNR834B v.2)
    It came with the lastest version of the firmware: firmware version is V1.0.22_1.0.22NA

    I changed
    “IPv6” under TCP/IP on Network to “OFF” from “automatic”.

    Now the Macbook is working just fine. It can go to sleep mode and as soon as it wakes up it connects to the available network instantaneously.

  16. frustrated new Mac user says:

    I forgot to add little information on how I set up the Netgear router.
    Its DHCP assigns 192.168.x 103 for this #2 computer’s MAC address. Therefore, on my #2 machine, I have chosen “using DHCP” for IPv4 under TCP/IP.
    Also, my nextdoor neighbor’s SSID was deleted from the SSID list, which used to be on the second of the list. (my SSID on the top)

    Hope this helps some people…

  17. mjm7496 says:

    I am having the same issue as well. Every night I go to bed I usually have something downloading via usenet. In the morning I have a ton of errors regarding lost connections. I need to turn my airport wireless card off and back on to get it to reconnect.

    My Macbook Is the 2.16 GHZ, 2GB Ram, Leopard 10.5.1. I am connected wirelessly to an Airport Extreme (Gigabit) with 7.2.1 firmware using DHCP. My power setting (power adapter – not battery) is set to custom with the sliders for sleep and turn monitor off both set to never. There is no check mark in the box to allow the hard drives to go to sleep when possible. The Macbook is connected to an external monitor with a mini to vga cable adapter and the Macbook is closed. (Lid down)

    I have other Windows PC’s connected (wired) to this same router and they all work fine.

  18. cdmb says:

    I have seen this problem on the wnr834b with the macbook pro. After a long computer “nap” it doesn’t place nice with wireless. However, it doesn’t happen in the office (I manage the wireless there too). At the office it is all 11b/54g the sleep thing doesn’t happen. P.S. my problems only started up after upgrading to Leopard.

    These changes made the problem decrease
    On the router:
    change the wireless settings to a hard channel i.e. Channel 1
    Change the preamble to short.

    I am still seeing some of the problems, but not as bad.

    P.S. I manage over 200 windows servers from a couple of macs by myself. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Hopefully that helps

  19. chris juk says:

    “works right out of the box” is the last phrase I want to see again. Just bought a new macbook pro 2.2. No wireless connection at all – typing this on my old but trusty Toshiba. No clue fromapple phone support except to take it to a service centre and see if it works there. Why would a brand new machine not work? After many years on pcs i’m way behind in how to figure out a mbp. Any ideas why despite showing my wireless network in the list the mbp can’t connect?

  20. @chris juk: i would double-check that you’ve matched up the encryption type and possibly try clearing the password from keychain in case a mistype has been saved. go into keychain utilities and *search for your network’s name*, as it won’t appear in the list initially.

    the other thing to try is to open up console.log and see if there are any useful error messages in there. it’s a bit brute force but it might give you some hint as to what’s going on.

  21. chris juk says:

    Thanks t.m.i.n.m for the prompt response. The wireless network is not encrypted so no password is needed. The network shows up on the mbp but no connection. Apple’s advise was to take it to an apple clinic and see if it worked there as maybe then airport card was u/s. But if that was the case, how would it detect the networks? Anyway, it’s a long way to a clinic so i’ll keep trying before requesting my money back.

  22. S. says:

    Changing my Linksys “Network Mode” from “Mixed” to “Wireless-G Only” fixed my problem with a MacBook.

  23. adriaan says:

    Chris juk, any results? my girlfriend just bought a MBP and we’re having the same problem: the machine gives the name of the router but there’s no signal. In other words, it detects the wifi thing but we can not connect.
    The router beloings to my neighbour, it’s a smc, got no idea what model. he did give us the password. With my windows laptop: no problemo.

  24. J says:

    I am also having a problem with my 2.2 MBP Tiger negotiating a IP address wirelessly. I have a netgear rangemax router that works flawlessly with my other 3 pcs and when my MBP is plugged into ethernet it also works without a problem. The trouble is after i connect to the router which i am running WEP encryption on I am unable to resolve an IP address. In the past toggling my wireless from off to on repeatedly as well as renew my ip address will SOMETIMEs result in the machine recieving a valid ip address. I can confirm that manually inputting a ip address that falls within my private network address scheme does not result in connectivity, Though my MBP shows it is connected I am unable to even ping my router. I have read elsewhere that osx does not like WEP and prefers WPA encryption however I haven’t been able to try that yet as I am not at home while I am pouring over the MANY fourm posts all about the same problem. From what i can gather the problem spans many different router types and manufacturers and the routers seem to work fine with other machines connected to them running different OS. I work at a small ISP who caters to small businesses and I have a fairly good amount of experience using these small routers as well as Big cisco routers so I am confident it is not a configuration problem. If anyone has a answer to the mbp problem resolving an IP address I would be very interested in what the real problem is. I will post tomorrow after trying some of the fixes I have read in different forums tonight.

  25. Jivaka says:

    Have been having the same problem and wanted to advise that I combined two of the solutions in the list above and either, or the combination has worked:

    1) “IPv6″ under TCP/IP on Network to “OFF” from “automatic”.
    2) On the router:
    change the wireless settings to a hard channel i.e. Channel 1

    Cheers guys!

  26. chris juk says:

    Hi, sorry to post and disappear but I’ve been travelling and I’m now in the tropics. I’m glad to say despite complete failure to secure an internet connection on our new mac book pro with Tiger OS, once I uploaded Leopard, the connection was instant and trying it here in the Caribbean setup we have – often difficult too – again it works without a problem. I’m not sure if there are other issues with Leopard but I’m told the OS includes the a fix and connection problems are no longer an issue. Hope evereyone else gets there soon!
    All the best

  27. Nik says:

    Just recently upgraded to a WNR834B router and started suffering this horrible problem with my Macbook Pro. Never had the issue with the other router (Linkysys… can’t remember the model) so i figured it had to be something with the new router, rather than my Mac.

    Scoured the forums, nothing seemed to work (including all that is listed here). After a bit of thinking, the only thing that I could deduce that was different was that I had moved the encryption from WAP to WPA2.

    To cut a long story short – the solution to my errors was to trash all the keychain saved passwords, remove all networks from me automatic-reconnect and then when re-adding the network access to the router *most importantly* allowed it to automatically always access the keychain password. I never saw this option before (it was a pop-up warning) it appeared out of nowhere.

    It seems that, for some strange reason, whenever it was logging onto the network it just wasn’t authenticating itself. Now, no problems at all – everything logs on fine and i am working a-ok.

    Hope that this can help somebody out.

  28. snacky99 says:

    Hi there – having many of the same issues as other folks on the board. I have a MBP with Leopard (and a Netgear 834NBR) and problems seem to have started after the upgrade (the only thing that tends to get the connection back up and running is a hard reboot). I did talk to a very helpful mac customer service agent and one of the things he suggested might be the problem was the “N” draft on the Netgear conflicting with the MBP. I’ve tried many of the suggestions above but with little success. One of the odd things that happens is that when I check my TCP/IP settings under Network settings, it will sometimes switch IP addresses right in front of my eyes and for no apparent reason. Anyone else notice this?

  29. Dan says:

    Okay… Goodbye PC …Hello Mac…Goodbye wireless connection after sleep!!!! I just made the jump to the Macbook pro and “Cannot Connect To Internet” shows up on the screen just about everytime after putting the machine to sleep. I noticed that before i installed the software updates, sleep mode was def more proficient at waking up to my last webpage. Airport is showing that the machine is strongly connected to my Netgear WNR834B Rangemax router but won’t let Safari connect. I got a case number for the first macbook pro that was exchanged for this one and the issue continues. I have 11 days to return. This seems like an epidemic now that I’ve googled it. What the hell is going on MAc?

  30. BrianB says:

    Oh my God. I thught my MacBook was weird. Yes, a reboot will fix it temporarily. Also, I noticed that the problem goes away when mag safe isn’t connected. Can someone write me a report of this or something here:

  31. steg says:

    ditto to all. also have mb and thats started doing the same so don’t think it’s mbp. i did notice in diagnostics that connection stops at isp sugesting possible pro with provider but when pluged into rj45 all is well, this also kick starts connection. anyway back to problem, dhcp when in this state assigns unknown address, i change to manual and that starts connection, between mac and router they seem to loose the ability to resolve, all very confusing and not the first time i’ve experienced. all fixes it’s self normally after spending pc amounts of time to fixing. oh and the occasional new router

  32. ChadW says:

    As of today there still seems to be no solid solution. My connectivity issues, however, did not start until I switch to a linksys router. Many have mentioned the problem with other routers but I thought I’d throw that out there.


  33. dmechlin says:

    I have the MacBook Pro and a Linksys N Router, had the internet connection issues after sleep and other connection problems. I updated to 10.5.2 a few days ago and the problem is solved.

    Absolutely no connections issues using N after update 10.5.2!!


  34. Brian says:

    Same problem here with a MBP using 10.5.2. We need a fix!

  35. Inigo says:

    Well, I changed the IPv6 from automatic to off, and that fixed it for me on my MacBook Air, which was doing exactly the same thing (losing network settings after sleep). Not a true fix, but it fixes it for now.

  36. jc says:

    Had the same problem with my MCP that I got yesterday. Couldn’t quite figure it out, but realized that just turning off the AirPort and turning it back on would resolve the issue. Not optimal, but workable. Funny thing was that it was only when the lid was closed, not when it goes into sleep mode with the lid open. I have 2 different types of Cisco Access Points in the house.

    Anyway, a search made me realize this was a much bigger problem than just for me. I thought I turned off IPV6, but in hindsight, only set it to manual, got an error message, and turned it back on. Disabling it makes the problem go away.

    No IPV6 in my house, and since this is a personal laptop (I use Thinkpads at work) it shouldn’t be a problem, at least for now.

    Glad someone pointed out that this works.

  37. sam says:

    I have the same problem when I connect to some public networks. Apple support suggest to re install the OSX, which I did, but didn’t solve the problem.
    Ironically, I don’t have the problem when reboot in bootcamp XP. So I’ve given up on using mac OSX and shifted entirely back to XP, which seems be more stable on a mac hardware than Mac’s software.

  38. Angel says:

    Im having the same problem since my last OSX update!!! I never thought in a millions years that i would be thankful for installing Windows on my MacBook Pro through Bootcamp…..But i am!!! Its the same notebook and safari will not connect, but Explorer will. My Warranty expired last nonth so apple wont talk to me unless I pay them…..If Explorer is working with Bootcamp’s Windows, it has to be a Software issue!!!!

  39. reportagethailand says:

    Thank you very much ‘frustrated new mac user’. Your advice solved the problem for me:

    “I changed “IPv6″ under TCP/IP on Network to “OFF” from “automatic”.”
    Now the Macbook is working just fine. It can go to sleep mode and as soon as it wakes up it connects to the available network instantaneously.

    Now, how to fix the noisy fan issue?

  40. neithergatesnorjobs says:

    I reluctantly migrated to MBP as employer requirement. Figured with Parallels and Bootcamp I was home free in best of both worlds. First bootup seemlesly integrated with home office NW but at some point my MBP stopped seeing the servers and printers on my office network. Absolutely cannot get it to find them. It sometimes connects to Internet but not always. (Have had flaky touchpad/keyboard and bad RAM fixed, all uypdates, nothing fixes it.) Seems related to problems cited here, but I am hardwired, not wifi. Of course, Apple says they never heard of it.

  41. Bea says:

    I’ve had my NEW Macbook Pro 17″ for 2 days now. It will NOT keep a steady wireless connection. This is unacceptable for a top of the line notebook. This problem has been known to Apple for MONTHS! Where is the explanation? Where is the fix? Where is the customer support? My friend brought over a new $400.00 HP laptop which had NO PROBLEMS maintaining a wireless connection, while my $3500.00 Macbook Pro couldn’t. Something is VERY WRONG WITH THE MACBOOK PRO!

  42. Gashtou says:

    I did as jerry recomended. The first time i did it, it not a thing but I did it three times and now its working great. After waking from sleep I still need to select which network I want to join but compared to before it very easy. Hope this helps.

  43. TexMexDude says:

    Thanks very much for the info!

    I am having the same issue with my MBP and will try this tonight.

  44. macbook pro says:

    if you are using DHCP, try changing the advanced setting back to DHCP with manual, and then applying. go back and switch it back to just DHCP, apply changes. turn the airport off/on a couple of times. i’m not exactly sure what did it, but modifying the settings enough seemed to finally kick it back in

  45. Eric says:

    i have similar problems as u fellow guys had with your MBP, ihave boot camp on my mac and for some reason the wifi doesnt work very well, it works randomly on the MAC Side, But on the Window side it works fine, how do you fix that problem ? after i updated my mac few days ago, the mac side air port stops working

  46. Marlene says:

    What a mess!! All works perfectly fine when i am inside, but when i do one step outside with my MBP it fails to obtain an IP address. Tonight a friend came by with his Macbook and as always he had a perfect connection in our garden…and I, sitting next to him with the ‘Pro’ have nothing.

  47. Jeremy says:

    Thank god for forums. I have had this prob for a while. Toggling the airport on and off and hard reboots did help. I figured it had something to do with my iphone because my iphone still got signal and worked but the MBP did not. POS. anyways, I turned my ipv6 to off and will see if it resolved it. Thanks to all the smart people out there that know this s&^%

  48. PM says:

    Still having problems here with a 2 day old MBP running vista.

    It will drop the connection, at least the internet part. It will either have limited connectivity or show local access only. Have tried turning off ipv6, only thing that helps (usually) is going to sleep and coming back…

    I will never buy a mac again (and this was my first one)

  49. Marco says:

    Quote “I will never buy a mac again (and this was my first one)”

    That is childish.

    Anyway, the problem is still there in November 2008. MacBook Pro first Gen. will not reconnect to WiFi on wake. Apple? Steve Jobs? Any ideas?

  50. john says:

    Thank you MacBook Pro Steve. Your suggestion on July 20th solved my similar problem.

  51. Uberfiend says:

    Same problem with a new 2.8Ghz MBP (Sept. ’08 model). Will try turning off IPv6. The problem also occurs running Windows XP via Bootcamp. A reboot usually fixes it, or sometimes unplugging the router (Netgear WGR614v7), waiting 10 seconds, and reconnecting it works.

  52. wandabout says:

    Same trouble. I have two MBPs. First one purchased in July 2006; works perfectly on my Draytec Vigor2800G router. I have had no wirelsss trouble in the 2.5 years. I can close the lid and resume from sleep with near instant wireless connection.

    However, just bought a new MBP 3 days ago. No connection after closing the lid. Have to shut down and restart Airport several times to resume connection; sometimes this won’t work and after a few minutes of attempts I resorted to closing all programs and rebooting. Got fed up and returned the MBP for a replacement.

    Just set up the replacement and have exactly same problem. So, my well worn 2.5 yr MBP (with all updates and Leopard latest) works fine, as do all 3 of my PC laptops. BUT, nice shiny new MBPs will not work on wireless after sleep.

    Have tried OS reinstall (twice), done all updates, loaded in full restore from time capsule of the machine that works. Have tried switching off IPv6, manual IP address assignment, switching off access security on the router, updated router firmware and all of the other tips in this thread. All to no avail.

    I plan to return the MBP again for a refund and wait until new version of the MBP comes out in the hope that it may have a wireless card that works.

    When I went into the MAC store and told them that the wireless networking fails after sleep, I was told, “that’s normal, they all do that”!!! I’m a real mac fan, but this is really getting on my pips! (Sorry about the bad language!)

    Anyone got a reliable fix for this yet?

  53. unhappy says:

    hi every one. Now i’ve read most of the complaints above and i’m surprised that it is not just a few of the products, is all apple macbook pro products that seem to be having a difficulty of doing some basic stuff. Connecting to available wi-fi while other basic $500.00 laptops are reading high bars.
    This is a shame for apple not to recognize or at-least address the issue. There must be a way to solve this problem my friends.
    I am experiencing wifi connection failure while other machines side to this MBP are working perfectly. and it is only two days old. Somebody should do something about this…

  54. Thor Tangvald says:

    Dramatic deterioration with MBP after 2 years of solid work. I update regularly, and the dropped connectivity started a couple of weeks ago. Abysmal reaction from Apple. Tried the IPv6 turned to off. No real change.
    All hardware remains the same, deterioration in network connections seems to be getting worse.

  55. walter says:

    Sometimes when I logon I see my shared computers in the “shared sidebar. If I dont I pick “RECENT Servers”. This connects EVERYTIME. Now as to printers, I was printing wirelessly but I reinstalled my sys(long story) And now I have lost that. I was using Gutenprint 5.23. The thing is when I used printer/fax….and picked used to show three columns with my workgroup, computer and printers. It doenst now. If it starts connecting unaided to the servers again, this will be fixed. The thing is…Macs seem to correct themselves in this regard. Dont ask me. But back to windows..I dont think so. I dont miss the crashes, freezes, etc. I may use Ubuntu on desktop and keep mac on laptop.

  56. Faast says:

    MBP, when the iPhone rings, the wireless connection drops and stays down for a couple of minutes. MBP sees the router but fails to connect. after a few mins it resolves itself and connects.

    anyone have any ideas how to fix this, its really annoying to lose internet connection when the phone rings

    MBP : 2Ghz Intel Core Duo
    Router: N
    iphone: 3G

    thanks in advnace

  57. matt says:

    This worked for me. Would loose airport connection whenever mbp would go to sleep.

    System preferences
    hit + and add your network
    check remember networks I have joined
    click ok

    This fixed my problem.

  58. Paul Waters says:

    no wireless connection after sleep? – try this:

    Finder, Macintosh HD, library, preferences, look for SystemConfiguration file and delete it(don’t worry it will replace itself when you boot) – problem gone!

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