the endless mbp vs. wireless battle continues

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4 Responses to the endless mbp vs. wireless battle continues

  1. JP says:

    I feel your pain. I have a MacBook, 3-yr old Win XP box and an Airport Express creating a LAN (no internet) for the exclusive reason of file sharing. I was able to mount a share on the Mac using Samba just fine, until the Dlink wireless adapter for the PC crapped out. I then connected an ethernet cable from the PC to the Express and was once again able to wirelessly file share between the Mac and PC.

    Then randomly one day, I got the “-36 error – some data could not be written or read”, and I have not been able to wirelessly file share since. Apple says:; but I don’t really follow. Well, you probably wouldn’t approve, but I can’t wait to get a Mac Mini, so I won’t have to deal with Windows! :)

  2. @JP: well I wouldn’t say that Windows is the issue as such, more that trying to get MacOS and Windows to talk to each other is the problem… so I can certainly see the attraction of eliminating the clash :)

    As far as bugfixing network issues goes, I recommend getting into the system log – you might actually get some useful info, instead of that stupid -36 error!

  3. Gaby says:

    Hi Mr. whoareyou, I noticed you posted this -36 error experience more than one year ago. I’m 1-year old with mac, telling everybody it is the easiest way to work, no problem at all, great graphics, etc….

    About 2 weeks ago I started getting this -36 error, when tried to connect to the 2 pc’s (which have no problem to connect between them), and of course I blamed on windows, the net, the people at my office, Murphy’s law and maybe the weather… never my loved mac.

    After 2 weeks of trying to connect every morning (you know, the kids’ idea that I go to sleep and tomorrow this was a terrible -36 nightmare that just went away), today I decided to do something else and I started digging in the net- I have to confess that I have no idea about unix, linux, ethernet, programming, etc.

    As you said, I found a few articles, with no answers in them… until I found your story.

    So, (and please forgive my english if I don´t get to explain something quite well, I´m spanish talker), the only solution is to get a net cable??? I hate cables! along these year this error -36 attacks again? do you know if I can get a wireless solution? is there any other answer someqhere else?

    I wish I could find somebody to help me, but here in México there are very few mac doctors than pc’s…

    If not, thanks at least for giving me an answer -and I have to say sorry for the people at my office, I was going to make a big deal thinking they maybe downloaded something that had blocked the net access to my precious mac.

  4. @gaby: We basically gave up. Life is too short. So to share files between the Mac and the PC, we just use a USB thumb drive. Annoying but it works.

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