do i brave the screaming hordes?

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6 Responses to do i brave the screaming hordes?

  1. devians says:

    the trackpad not responding might be the accessibility features acting up. its the thing that disables the trackpad when you’re typing so your wrist doesnt hit it and stuff everything up. try disabling it and see if the response gets any better

  2. @devians: nope, already tried disabling that feature and it didn’t help. the pause still happens. i’ve added it to the long list of things which we’ll be asking to have fixed when the mbp visits the mac store.

  3. devians says:

    sounds like something is actually wrong with it then. same with the heat issues. ive had 3d games, windows under parallels and photoshop all running at the same time, not to mention all the other minor apps, and its never gotten hot enough that its been uncomfortable through a pair of jeans. maybe you need to invest in pants? :P granted i wouldnt want my mbp on my bare lap *wince* :P

  4. i had it on my lap the other night with *two cushions* between me and the mbp, and it was still too hot. so yeah, there’s a problem.

    frankly, the moral of the story: never buy generation one of anything. let the early adopters burn the crap out of themselves^H^H^H^Hwork out the bugs.

  5. devians says:

    ah yes, see i was smart. 2nd generation all the way :P 3rd generation soon if someone wants to buy the current one :)

  6. Pat says:

    I am probably going to get a macbook as my next laptop. Was 100% Windows up to now but She got a MacBook (the AfroAmerican one…) and I am supporting/using it. You are right about Macheads – I am reluctant to ask for help in transitioning – these guys do not want to help – they want to attack anyone who even hints there might be deficiencies with Mac or OSX. Pity – they will never grow their market share that way – Apple would like, and deserve, much bigger market share, but I suspect the Macheads like being an oppressed and bitter minority – that way you can rage at the Others and never have to think or reason…..

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